Phillip Kayser, Ph.D

Phil is a pastor, author, and researcher focused on detailed biblical scholarship. He’s passionate about seeing scripture’s comprehensive blueprints applied to business, art, education, science, economics, marketing, health, counseling, and every other area of life.

His educational degrees include an M.Div from Westminster Theological Seminary and a Ph.D from Whitefield Theological Seminary. He’s on the board of the Pickering Foundation of Biblical Preservation, and serves as Professor of Ethics at Whitefield Theological Seminary. He has lectured at the University of Nebraska in Omaha on the impact of the Protestant Reformation on culture, the history of American economics, and the philosophical underpinnings of American institutions. His writings span political, theological, and practical topics, and many of his books are being translated into foreign languages to equip the worldwide church. In 2020, he founded Biblical Blueprints to better advance his commitment to take the transformational gospel to the ends of the earth.

Phil’s current research includes
The Revelation Project and materials on hermeneutics, leadership, Biblical exegesis, counseling, and ethics .

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